The Anderson Family – an amazing College tradition

The Anderson Family – an amazing College tradition

Lorna Imhoff (nee ANDERSON LM 48-49) has brought to our attention the remarkable achievement of the Anderson Family. This is of particular interest as we are celebrating the Centenaries of our Colleges – The SCOTS College (SCOTS) and Presbyterian Gilrls College (PGC). Lorna has pointed out that during the past Centruy of our Colleges, there has always been a member from Frank Anderson’s extended family at eith SCOTS or PGC. This is a record definitely wort recording in College Archives. Is there any other family in our College history who can boast of this remarkable achievement? If so, please let the Editor know.

Below is a list of Frank Anderson’s family and Frank’s extended family who have attended either SCOTS, PGC or SCOTS PGC College:

Frank’s Family

  1. Frank Anderson (1919-20) – Died in 1987
  2. Robert Anderson (1921-22) – Died in 1997
  3. David Anderson (1922-24) – Died in 1986
  4. Daphne Anderson (1923- )
  5. Betty Anderson (1930- )

Frank’s Children

  1. Joan (Anderson) Pacholke (LM 1944-45)
  2. Val (Anderson) Warfield (47-48)
  3. Lorna (Anderson) Imhoff (LM 48-49)
  4. Owen Anderson (LM 58-59)
  5. Francis Anderson (62-63)

Frank’s Grandchildren

  1. Debra (Imhoff) Siebert (LM 69-73)
  2. Gail (Imhoff) Ingleton (LM 72-74)
  3. Rodney Imhoff (LM 74-77)
  4. Brian Pacholke (LM 74-78)
  5. Glen Pacholke (LM 75-79)
  6. Scott Anderson (LM 83-87)
  7. Kirsten Anderson (LM 86-90)

Frank’s Great Grandchildren

  1. Daniel Ingleton (LM 1997-98)
  2. Jodie Ingleton (LM 2009-10)

The above period actually covers eleven (11) decades and who knows where it will end as Daniel Ingleton and his wife Emma have a son, Tristan Graham Ingleton (a great great grandson of Frank Anderson).

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